Ever wonder what the Rooster was thinking when he crowed 3 times when Peter denied the Lord? Or, how the young boy felt when the disciples took his lunch to feed the 5000? You can now! These 20 unique stories, taken from Scripture, will inspire, encourage, and perhaps bring a little smile to your face.

Table Tales

Table Tales is a collection of short stories based on the  accounts found in the New Testament.  I would suggest to the reader to find the texts and acquaint themselves with the actual New Testament accounts, before reading the "tale."

True, I've taken a bit of freedom and "literary license" and wrote from a different perspective as comonly accepted.  By no means was there any motive or desire to "add to the Scriptures," which would be a violation of my own convictions.  Pease understand this!

I've written in the "first person."  I placed myself in the person of the account, hoping to help us feel their dilemma, frustration, doubt or fear.  These are emotions we all feel at times.  Who really knows the minds, if they have them, of boats, pots, or paths!  If any of these short tales offend, then talk to the Lord about it,  Afterall - He is still Lord!

I do hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. They are given to you to use as you feel, perhaps helping a little one to understand the Biblical accounts.

Many blessing be yours in the service of Jesus Christ, our King and Lord!

Thank You!

N. Wayne Nigh

Caldwell, Idaho - December 2017

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